Flag Raising ceremony for St. Lucian Independence

Happy 40th Independence Anniversary St. Lucia!

I had the distinct honor and pleasure to perform both the Star Spangled Banner (USA National Anthem) and Sons and Daughters of St. Lucia (St. Lucian National Anthem) at a flag raising ceremony commemorating the 40th independence of St. Lucia on February 22nd. 

The event sponsored by the St. Lucian consulate of Miami, was well attended and spirited. 

Enjoy some pictures of the event. 


Giving Back Part 2

Giving Back Part 2

Another school year has began, and we are very proud of the fact that we once again were able to bless several children in St. Lucia with book bags and school supplies. 

I must give a big thank you to all of our sponsors and person who donated to this cause. Special thanks to my mother Gratia Jacob who is always grabbing book bags whenever she see's them on sale on trips to department stores. 

This year we donated over 300 book bags to children from

Mon Repos Combined School,

Blanchard Combined

AnseGer Secondary

Desruisseaux Combined

Patience Combined and

Ti Rocher Combined 

Mrs. Dean's Pre School.

Thank you to the Lions Club of Micoud for assisting in this, as well as the many principals and teachers as well. 


Mon Repos Combined School- Principal Marcelina Newton Jospeh

Nobel Laureate Day Book bag and school supply presentation




Getting Started with OCSS

Getting Started with OCSS


So the most common question we get on our Facebook page and via What's App is how to get started. 

Typically a person will ask, "What's the price?" and I often reply with "Price for...what exactly?"

Then I'll get an answer like "Fill a barrel" or "Pack a barrel" or "the Barrel package". The great and easy thing about our website is all of the prices and information is RIGHT THERE, if you do a little bit of clicking and moving around he site.

But, because we live in a "must have it now society" I often find myself repeating and answering the same questions day after day. 

So here is a video that will take you step by step on what to do when you visit the website for the first time. It's only 7 minutes, and it explains so much! Take a look and happy shopping!



Giving Back

Giving Back

"Be the change you wish to see in the world"- Ghandi

One of the things we knew when we started this company was that we not only wanted to provide a service to the Caribbean in a way that was different than other companies doing what we do, but we also wanted to GIVE BACK when possible. 

We believe that investing in our roots and spreading positivity will uplift our youth and generations to come. We were privileged to take our first step in doing so this past summer with a back to school supply drive. This drive was spearheaded via Facebook and word of mouth. The response was overwhelming. We were able to provide over 50 book bags and supplies to children in St. Lucia.

We will be conducting more donation drives in the near future. We hope to touch each island in the Caribbean, so your donation and help will be much appreciated! One Caribbean Shop N Ship is not just about how many sales we can bring in, but about how much we can give back!

Enjoy the photos!
Edwin S. 
One Caribbean Shop N Ship LLC