Getting Started with OCSS

Posted by Edwin Sylvain on


So the most common question we get on our Facebook page and via What's App is how to get started. 

Typically a person will ask, "What's the price?" and I often reply with "Price for...what exactly?"

Then I'll get an answer like "Fill a barrel" or "Pack a barrel" or "the Barrel package". The great and easy thing about our website is all of the prices and information is RIGHT THERE, if you do a little bit of clicking and moving around he site.

But, because we live in a "must have it now society" I often find myself repeating and answering the same questions day after day. 

So here is a video that will take you step by step on what to do when you visit the website for the first time. It's only 7 minutes, and it explains so much! Take a look and happy shopping!



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